The Place

We believe in a unique space where sharing, creativity and development are at the heart of our daily professional life. 

Whether you're here to create your company, launch a product or boost your business, at The Place you'll find an optimal working environment where collaboration, support and conviviality are mixed.

The Place at a glance


Modern design

Our work spaces, open or private, are spacious and bright; they have been designed to promote your efficiency and optimise your productivity throughout the day.

Because it's important to take breaks and clear your mind, we've designed modern relaxation areas. All that remains is to choose your favourite place!

Taking care of yourself

Because your comfort is one of our priorities, we have carefully selected spacious work tables, ergonomic seating and customised equipment. The Place is the comfortable solution!


Modular meeting rooms

Organise team meetings, present a project to investors, impress your clients in one of our fully equipped meeting rooms. 

Book it for as long as you wish with our hostess.

Need a break?

A coffee machine and a water fountain is here to allow you to take a break from your work, et get some fresh air.


Come and meet us

Come and meet us and discover The Place, your future coworking space!

First of all, one community

Frequent events

The life at the place is important to us!

We frequently organise specified afterwork events with experts on the subjects. Another opportunity to exchange advices and everyone’s experience!

At The Place, you can also organise your events. Training seminars, meetings, brainstorming workshops, team building... we can help you organise it all!

How about easily organising your own event?

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Training courses

Our world is changing rapidly, so we need to be constantly learning. The Place offers you various courses, which change throughout the year, to discover several areas of expertise or to improve your language level.

Wellness sessions

Stress, lack of motivation and concentration, self-questioning, physical and mental endurance... all these factors can make you give up and slow down the productivity of your project

At The Place, we are committed to offering you coaching sessions in order to help you better understand your anxieties and for you to feel better in a professional context.

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All photos were taken after the participants had done NHS tests which had been revealed negatives.

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